Dirk Petterson

img_2070Dirk’s contribution to The Reformed Philosopher consists in his broad productive output. Through the integration of worldview Philosophy, social media management, and pastoral care, Dirk is a substantive piece to the broader Reformed Philosopher whole. God saved Dirk in his twenties and soon after called him to full-time Pastoral ministry. To that end, Dirk is pursuing a Master’s degree in Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary. His goal is to plant a church rooted and grounded in the biblical Gospel, continuing the legacy of the Reformed tradition, with a view toward the edification of Christ’s sheep and the evangelization of the world. To his readers on The Reformed Philosopher, Dirk is known as a Cultural Apologist and a Pastoral Theologian; to his intimate friends, Dirk is known as a wise man of God, always caring for their souls. Dirk lives in Florida. He is engaged to his lovely bride to be Julia – Lord willing, they will be married in late September. Dirk finished his undergraduate studies in 2015 with a degree in Biblical Studies from the Baptist College of Florida.

Stephen Vainas

img_0645-2In his writings, Stephen weds Reformed Theology, knowledge of Existential Philosophy, and a deep care for ethical consistency in the lives of Christ’s sheep. His deep and abiding concern is to press upon his readers the ever-present, perpetual, and substantial consequences that the Christian faith has for their practical lives. Stephen’s writings are intended to produce in our readers a longing for, and a realization of, the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their personal piety and interactions with others. To that end, he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies. In addition to this, he is constantly researching new and important ideas, cultural trends, and ethical issues left untouched in Reformed circles today. Stephen’s contributions to the blog consist primarily in his development of Christian Ethics and the articulation of Existential Philosophy. 

Michael Hall

img_2071-2Michael Hall combines a deep love for truth and precision with an abiding interest in the Philosophical-Theology of Thomas Aquinas and the Reformed Scholastics. The result is the production of writings in the areas of Philosophy Proper and Philosophical-Theology  which are, as to depth, substantial, and, as to form, analytically precise. Michael is currently pursuing a degree in Theological Studies with an end toward being a Philosopher-Theologian. Michael is the main contributor to the website’s Philosophy and Philosophical Theology sections. Michael’s blog name is TheReformedScholastic.

Patrick Steckbeck


In 2018, Patrick had the idea to create a blog with a  view toward the holistic manifestation of the Sovereign rule of Jesus Christ in all facets of human life. To this end, he sought out skilled thinkers with large potential for growth in the areas of Philosophical and Theological discourse to write, think, and cultivate the institution. The result is The Reformed Philosopher. As to his personal life, Patrick is married to his wonderful wife Alexa. They make their home in a small Indiana town. He spends the bulk of his time leading The Reformed Philosopher and pursuing a Master’s degree in Philosophy. His thesis applies John Frame’s Triperspectivalism to the Early Modern period.  His primary contributions, Theologically and Philosophically, to the website, are in the areas of Systematic Theology and Reformed Apologetics. He completed his undergraduate studies at Reformation Bible College, receiving a degree in Theology in 2016.

Lawrence Gale

img_2043Lawrence “Greg” Gale serves the Reformed Philosopher through the production of content in the areas of Biblical Theology and Literature. His desire is for his readers to understand the significance of the fact that the Gospel of Scripture is a historical Gospel which has a substantial historical progression. In addition to this, he seeks to extract the beauty of God’s grace revealed in the Great Books tradition (including Virgil, Poe, Homer, and ext). Greg is a churchman, a loving husband, and a dear friend to all who know him well. He is, in regenerated substance, a servant of the Lord Jesus and His church. To the end of knowing Christ more deeply and serving His church more faithfully, Greg is pursuing a Master’s of Divinity degree at Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his wonderful wife, Hailey, make their home in central Florida. In addition to their Theological endeavors, the Gales love to make creative cuisine. Greg’s blog name is TheReformedExegete. 

Corbyn Fry

image1 (1)

Corbyn is currently finishing his senior year of high school. In addition to performing  successfully in academics and athletics, Corbin is also a lead advocate against the ghoulish practice of abortion. His work in leading an anti-abortion club at his local school, and promoting the Christian view of abortion on college campuses resulted in his reception of the “Timothy Award” from Created Equal ministries. Corbin’s goal is to become a professor one day. To that end, he plans on attending Boyce College, pursuing a degree in politics, economics, and philosophy. Corbin blogs as TheReformedApologetic.

Aaron Lague

img_2061-2In addition to writing for the blog, Aaron serves the Reformed Philosopher as its Digital Media Manager. Aaron combines technical focus, perfectionism, and discipline for the benefit of his colleagues. Beyond hosting the Reformed Philosopher’s podcast, Aaron also writes and researches on the Philosophy of Post-Modernism, its impact on the church, and how to best engage it as a Christian. To further his usefulness for the church at large, Aaron is pursuing undergraduate studies in Theology. His vocational goal is to work in an environment where he is given the freedom to realize works of excellence to the glory of Christ Jesus.

Joe Gigante 

img_2041-2In his personal relations, Joe is known as a man of integrity, honesty, and humor. He aims to rightly divide the word of truth by perfecting his abilities in the Bible’s original languages: Greek and Hebrew. His vocational goal, ultimately, is to teach the Old Testament. For the Reformed Philosopher, Joe seeks to engage legitimate Old Testament interpretation with a form of Philosophical analysis. The result is the explication of the Philosophy which is legitimately contained in the text for our audience. He does this through his participation in the blog and our podcast. Joe is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies. He and his wonderful wife Tori live in Central Florida.

David Carnes

David is, fundamentally, a churchmen. Devotion to Jesus Christ and his bride marks David’s interactions with others, the church, and the world at large. His love for Jesus Christ and His bride is the life-force driving his interest in the areas of Church History and Historical Theology. This being the case, David has a deep and abiding concern for the church’s Theological fidelity. David is diligent, wise, and professional. Vocationally, he is pursuing full-time Christian ministry as a pastor. To that end, he is under care in the Orthodox Presbyterian church and studies Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary. David combines his conscientious attention to detail with his broad knowledge of the Reformed tradition to serve the blog as its managing editor and main contributor in the disciplines of Church History and Historical Theology. David’s blog name is TheReformedHistoric.

Alexa Steckbeck

Alexa’s blog title is TheReformedIntuitive. In her work, she attempts to blend beauty and analytic prowess through the production of works in Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology. She is a humanities major whose goal is to exemplify the beauty of the Reformed system of doctrine, under the Lordship of Christ, to the glory of God. As to her personal life, she enjoys spending time with her friends, leading a Bible study, and reading. She was converted to Reformed Theology through reading Jonathan Edwards. His emphasis, that of God’s glory being manifest in all reality, is a truth she attempts to exemplify each and every day in the service of her Lord.

Josh Mann

Josh completed his undergraduate studies, finishing with a degree in Christian Studies from the Baptist College of Florida. He is also pursuing graduate studies in Divinity from Liberty University. Vocationally, Josh teaches high school English. He utilizes his knowledge of English, Literature, and the Bible to serve the Reformed Philosopher as an Associate Editor as well as a contributor. While Josh’s research focus for the Reformed Philosopher is Biblical Theology and Literature, his broader interests include Philosophical Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion, and Practical Theology. Josh and his wife Emily reside in Central Florida. They are the parents of three girls: Melody Joy (6), Molly Grace (4), and their newborn Madelyn faith (2 Months). Josh blogs as TheReformedInkling. 

Jesse Stiemann

Jesse’s contribution to the Reformed Philosopher, as TheReformedPoetic, is to encourage right Christian living, according to the Reformed system of doctrine, through the craft of poetry. As to his poetic style, Jesse’s work is accessible to everyman. As to his depth, his work is a substantial condensation of Reformed Theology, lived out in a fallen world, as a Christian man warring against the world, the flesh, and the devil. The end result is poetry which is, as to form, beautiful; as to depth, substantial; and as to consequence, edifying.

Evan Dixon

Evan’s contributions to The Reformed Philosopher consist of his abilities to write, research, pioneer, and edit. He currently works alongside the editorial team to maintain formal excellence in RP’s public presentation. In his work as an editor, he is engaged in philosophical research, particularly the philosophy of Existentialism and its relation to individual Christians. Academically, Evan received his bachelor’s degree in English from Armstrong State University. During this time, he also graduated with enough classes to satisfy the requirements for an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. In 2017, Evan received an M.A. in English Education from UGA. His current interest, in addition to research, writing, and editing, is Music. He has released a handful of instrumental albums. His future goals include finishing a novel, pursuing a Master’s degree in Philosophy, and, Lord willing, a Ph.D. Evan and his wife Bonny have been married for three and a half years. Their cute daughter, Edith, is 16 months old. Evan blogs as TheReformedDialectician.